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Renuka lake

Renuka lake is not only an idyllic holiday resort but also revered Pilgrim centre. Renuke lake is connected by road and lies in Sirmour district. It is 123 km from Parwanoo, 60 km from Paonta Sahib amd 37 km from Nahan. With a circumference of 3214 m, Renuka lake is the largest natural lake in Himachal. It is shaped like a sleeping women. Renuka was killed by her own son, the legendary Parsu Ram, in obedience to the orders of his father-the sage Jamadagni. After the deed was done, lake Renuka was formed surrounded by stepped fields of golden corn. Today the myth is brought to the fore when, each year in November, a fair is held to celebrate the immortality of Renuka and her son. The key-notes of the colourful fair are the festivity and devotional exuberance. It lasts for a week in which cultural programmes and folk dances are organised for the entertainment of visitors. Several idols of Parsu Ram, believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and other local deities, placed in decorated palanquins, are carried by an impressive procession to Parsu Ram Tal. Before the idols are installed in the temple, they are given a bath in this holy lake symbolising the body of the mother.--

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Renuka lake

Renuka lake Sirmaur Himachal Pradesh

Renuka lake is not only an idyllic holiday resort but also revered Pilgrim centre.